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Make Rose water and discover it’s uses

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Discover revitalizing rose water benefits, its uses in cosmetic and in other areas, DIY video and easy steps how to make your own rose water. Thanks to its versatility,  benefits and its fragrance rose water is suitable for the production of creams, bath bombs, soaps, hair perfumes, toners, and many other very effective products which recipes are also included. 

I came across to rose water for the first time when we were living in the Middle East. I have got tea flavored with rose water and I have to admit I didn’t like it. Later I tasted mini baklava (Lebanese cookies) flavored with rose water, ice cream and many more. And I came to the conclusion that I don’t like my food taste like roses.

But a few years later…

I have got a gift from my husband refreshing rose water for your skin. He bought it of course during his trips to the Middle East. I looked at him with a strange face like you don’t know my attitude towards rose water? And he goes try it first. All very nicely packed, I opened it, smell it and just loved it immediately. I started to use it daily just to refresh myself, destress myself and like myself more. And that’s how my journey with rose water started.

Rose water and it's uses

As I already mentioned I prefer to use rose water for the skin rather than food but it’s just a matter of taste…I may make a commission from links in this post. That means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. See more 

Uses of rose water for skin

Rose water is great for all skin types, from young to troublesome, over-sensitive to the already demanding older complexion. It is also suitable for fine children’s skin and for allergy sufferers. Rosewater is so widely used due to its superb smooth harmonizing effects, but also its high ability to moisturize and lightly tone the skin. 

  1. Soothing effect on all kind of skin – From shaving irritation to a long stay in the sun rose water relieves itching and burning, swelling and redness of the affected skin
  2. Skin refresher – If you suffer from dry or eczema skin that gets unpleasant during the day, wear rose water with you and refresh it if necessary. Not only does the skin soothe, but it also gets a dose of hydration.
  3. PH balancer – help to maintain the ideal ph of your skin around 5,5 that is very often disrupted by excessive uses of soaps and facial cleanses
  4. Facial Toner -Due to the astringent properties rose water helps clean pores and tone the skin by shrinking your pores while removing residual dirt and oil from your face. 
  5. Anti-aging agent – thanks to its antioxidant effects rose water neutralize the free radicals that damage our skin and help to keep the skin healthy. This rose cream made of rose water, rose infused oil and rose essential oil gives your skin outstanding benefits. 
  6. Healing agent – Thanks to great regenerative effects, rose water is suitable for the regeneration of damaged skin. You will deal with burns, abrasions, and blisters. Accelerates healing and eliminates the visibility of scars.
  7. Hydrates your skin -Rose water helps hydrate by settling into your pores and provide it with hydration. It revitalizes and moisturizes the skin giving it with that refreshed look.  This rose lip balm with coconut oil will soothe and nourishes your lips.
  8. getting rose petals ready for making rose water

As I already mentioned above rose water has other uses than just on our skin

Other than skin uses of rose water

  1. perfume -With a beautiful floral scent, rose water can be used as a substitute for perfume and a refreshing body spray. It will be greatly served especially during the summer months and during the hot days when the perfume is inappropriate due to its pronounced suffocating scent.
  2. Do you mix masks from dried mixes at home? Do you color your hair with henna? Then you can add the rose water instead of plain water. It boosts the positive effects of the mask, softens, turns off and strengthens the skin. The same applies when applying to hair.

  3. Strengthening effects do not have rose water only on the skin but also on the whole body. Pour the bottle of rose water in the refrigerator, and if you feel fatigue or even headaches, have a drink.

  4. Rosewater is a great choice for all kinds of sweet dishes. You can add it to the dough for muffins, pancakes and classic cakes. It is also suitable for puddings, sugar frosting and sweet saucesRose water can have strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties.

  5.  According to this study the extract of rose petals can relax the central nervous system in mice. Rose water has antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects.
    How to make rose water

Fresh or dry roses?

fresh roses are the best if you can get them just make sure they are not sprayed with chemicals as they would end up in your rosewater. Make sure they are strong in their fragrance and color as you want your rosewater to smell of roses and have beautiful pink or red color. If you cannot get fresh roses you can get dry ones.

What is the shelf-life?

Store the rose water in a dry, cool place. If prepared with distilled water it can last up to one month.  When prepared with tap water, use a refrigerator to keep longer shelf life.  If you have more rosewater than you need you can freeze it and use just one cube each time you need it.

Two methods

there are two methods of rosewater preparation: the hydrosol method and the basic method.We will cover in this tutorial the basic method if you want to go further you can find the hydrosol method

rose water DIY
Yield: 200 ml

How to make your own Rose water

rose water recipe

Discover revitalizing rose water benefits, its uses in cosmetic and in other areas, DIY video and easy steps how to make your own rose water. Thanks to its versatility,  benefits and its fragrance rose water is suitable for the production of creams, bath bombs, soaps, hair perfumes, toners, and many other very effective products which recipes are also included. 

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  1. Pull individual petals of the roses and wash them under running water
  2. add them to a large pot
  3. cover them with distilled water, just enough to cover the petals. More would dilute it.
  4. cover, put it on medium heat and let it simmer for about 30 minutes until the petals lose the their colour
  5. pour your mixture into colander to catch the petals
  6. fill in the water into clean glass bottle/jar.

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Vladka Merva on January 30th, 2019

21 Comments on “Make Rose water and discover it’s uses”

  1. Seems that you are confusing true Rosewater aka Rose hydrosol with Rose tea. Two very different things with different properties. You might want to look up how true hydrosols are made.

    • Hello, glad you came to my pages:) Both methods are mentioned in the article I wrote and just to clarify this is a citation from Wikipedia:
      “Rose water is a flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water. Additionally, it is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume”

  2. I love rose water and I use it daily!. I make a hyaluronic acid face serum and use that for the base. Smells heavenly! I also make a marshmallow face mask with rose water. As you can see, I am a bit of a DIYer when it comes to beauty products, so I just can’t wait for the summer when my roses bloom so that I can try this! Thank you 🙂

  3. I love the idea of storing extra by freezing it in ice cube trays! So smart! I’ll have to make a bunch this summer and freeze it so I can use it throughout the year. Thanks!

  4. I was just needing to know how to do this for a recipe I’ll be making soon – thank you! I keep stumbling across it as I dabble in Mediterranean and Indian dishes, especially sweets.

  5. This is interesting. I have heard about rose water a lot but never looked into it much. I’m going to try making some this summer when my roses are in bloom.

    • I am also impatiently waiting for roses to be back in bloom. Have so many ideas on how to turn their medicinal properties especially on the skin into homemade remedies.

  6. Can you use yellow Rose’s? My son gave me some and I was wondering if they could be used.

    • Hi Chrissy, you can use any color of roses just make sure they are not chemically treated as you don’t want these to end up on your face. Usually roses that you buy in shops are treated with chemicals to last longer.

  7. Hello! I just wanted to say a couple of things here. I was raised that ALL non-chemical treated roses are edible, even the wild ones, which are kinda spicy, my kids would eat them as we would take our hikes. We love them fresh in many foods. Also, using any color other the n red to make rose water, will give you a dirty looking water. White is really bad for this. Red gives you the pretties water. If you do not mind the “dirty” water appearance any color will work to make rose water/oil. This was a very good post and I plan to share it. TY for posting!


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