About Simply beyond herbs

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Hi, I am Vladka, the one behind Simply beyond herbs.

Living in the alpine region and surrounded by beautiful nature helped me realize my real passion.

My herbal journey started back in college when I studied pharmaceutical science, where my favorite subjects were botany and pharmacognosy.
While I started my career as a pharmacist dispensing over-the-counter medicines, I gradually started seeing opportunities for more natural ways of healing our bodies and minds, surrounded by herbs, healthy meals, and natural remedies.
Every month of the year has something to offer, gifts that strengthen, heal, and keep us in balance. Therefore, living according to the rhythms of nature is an inherent source of our life force. I call these gifts natures helping hand. They are superfoods that are available to us completely free of charge. Nettles, dandelions, rosehips, elderberries and many more…

herb butter

When we moved to the alpine region, I started to smell, touch, and feel them differently. I began to see their power when adding them to various dishes. I went back to my books to learn what I had already forgotten. Then I started to experiment with them in recipes and in natural remedies or different cocktails and immunity boosters. I also started to grow my own herbs at home which allowed me to get to know them even better.

Herbs are my passion, my centre point of nutrition and a foothold in today’s otherwise commercial and bland products. Herbs add significant nutritional value to our lives, including their unique tastes, smells and health benefits; these are the centerpieces of a good dish.  It’s a lifestyle I am dedicated to pursuing; Hope you’ll join me.

Together we will learn various recipes and remedies and their impact on our health.

Herbs for your favourite dishes

They transform your ordinary recipes into exciting culinary experiences. Each recipe is ripe with at least one herb or spice which will spice up your life. We will also be undertaking the art of creating your homemade oils & vinegar.

bread with herbs

Herbs as natural remedies

Together, we will journey through each continent and discover what herbs and remedies our ancestors used to boost their health and comfort and create natural cosmetic products. We will also make syrups, fruit wines, liquors, tinctures, creams, and drops at home.

homemade eye cream to reduce wrinkles and fine lines under eyes

How to grow herbs

We will also discover the joy of growing and harvesting your herbs at home at a minimal price and where to look for and gather herbs in our natural world.

using marker to write the names of herbs on the eggshells

My aim is to introduce you to the world of herbs, uncover their benefits and their use in daily life.