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50+ gift ideas for plant and garden lovers

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If you are searching for useful and fun gifts to please your herb and garden-obsessed loved ones take a look at this comprehensive list of creative gift ideas to get you started. 

From growing kits to planters to a farmhouse style composting bin you will find a variety of practical, funny or decorative gifts ideas. All “mint” to make your herb friend or family member happy. 

And if you yourself are a garden and plant lover, don’t forget to pamper yourself with something you like or need, you definitely deserve it. 

If you prefer making your own DIY gifts here is a large list of creative homemade gifts that are inspired by herbs. From gifts for the passionate cook to pet or bath lovers, you will find a selection of over 50 gifts.

How to make your gift perfect

The monetary value of the gift is not important. Shortly after I left my parents home, I kept calling my mom to tell me how to cook this and that. The next Christmas she gave me a handwritten cookbook with recipes I loved with her special notes for each. The monetary value was almost zero and yet one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. 

I know many people prefer to give money, but is that a good idea? Giving money sends the message that you couldn’t be bothered to come up with something original and inspired. So here are some fun and original ideas to inspire the perfect, personalized gift.

For the gift to be perfect, always wrap it. The unwrapping ceremony has its magic that is a pity to omit. Also if the receiver could see the gift immediately, the surprise disappears. 

People started wrapping their gifts thousands of years ago, the only thing that has changed is the wrapping paper. Before modern times people used old cloths or napkins to hide their gifts, nowadays we have endless options for wrapping.  But the more we wrap, the more waste we produce, so be cautious when choosing your wrapping paper. 

Here are some ideas for zero waste wrapping that might come in handy. 

To make your gift perfect include a thoughtful message. Don’t just buy one card with a general message. Make your own personalized message where you can explain your gift or say thank you.

Don’t lose track of this Gift Guide for plant and garden lovers! Pin it now for later!

What gift do you want to receive?

50+ gift ideas for plant and garden lovers

A comprehensive list of practical, funny or decorative gift ideas. All “mint” to make your plant and garden lover friend or family member happy.

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