Foraging Bundle (e-books)

The foraging bundle includes five foraging guides (e-books) that follow one another. The idea is to start with one herb, get familiar with it, and learn how to identify it in nature, its main characteristics, and its method of preservation.

Once you master one herb, you become confident and ready to move to the next challenge. 

The foraging bundle includes over 100 recipes, remedies, and skin care products you can make with the use of five common herbs.

Foraging bundle

The Foraging bundle covers wild violets, dandelions, nettle, elderflowers, elderberries, and rosehips.


Wild violets appear among the first herbs in early spring, followed by dandelions and nettle. 

In early spring or late autumn one can also forage nettle and dandelion roots as well as the leaves.

Few people know that the most nutritious part of the nettle is hidden in its seeds. These are best to forage in the autumn. 

Dandelion buds
Dandelion buds

Dandelions are versatile flowers with each part edible including the leaves roots and flowers.

One can start to forage dandelion buds in early spring to make homemade capers. Dandelion flowers are great in fritters or in sweet dishes such as dandelion cupcakes.

Dandelion leaves can be gourmet if collected before flowering, which is early spring.  

wild violets
wild violets


Moving forward to late spring or early summer with elderflowers starting to bloom depending on the weather and location.

Elderflowers are blooming in the summer
Elderflowers are blooming in the summer


It takes about 6-8 weeks for elderflowers to rip into the elderberry stage. From shades of blue and black to dark purple color, elderberries ripen in late summer to early fall. 

In early fall we start to notice red or orange rosehips that provide a great treat for squirrels or birds.

foraging rosehips
foraging rosehips

In the place, I live there’s hardly any frost so I just collect them from fall all the way to early winter. 

This foraging bundle is suitable for beginners as well as foraging experts that search for ideas for using these precious herbs.