Rosehip Forager (e-book)

In the e-book, Rosehip Forager you will master how to safely identify rosehips, the main preservation methods so you will be able to use rosehips all year long. 

You will learn their medicinal benefits backed by studies and ways to implement them in your daily diet.

While the outer flesh of rosehips is delicious, sweet, and contains plenty of vitamin C Inside the fruit are plenty of seeds that are irritating but packed with powerful ingredients. 

We will learn how to use them in homemade skincare to enhance hair or skin. Rosehip oil, eye cream or serum are just a few things we will make with rosehips.

In rosehip forager, you will find recipes to make your own syrup, vitamin C smoothie, or rosehip jam. We will be using rosehips to fill your apothecary and make homemade remedies to boost the immune system, such as fire cider or tincture. 

As a result, you will replace visits to shops and pharmacies for long walks in nature. Here you get free nutritious food, make your own natural remedies and lower your grocery bill.

Rosehip forager

In this e-book Rosehip Forager you will find:

  • how to identify rosehips 
  • when is the ideal time for foraging them
  • Medicinal benefits are backed with studies
  • how to preserve rosehips and use them all year long
  • how to use their power to boost your immunity and strength. So when the cold and flu season hits you will be equipped with simple remedies to fight back
  • using rosehips to enhance your skin
  • more than 20 recipes, DIY skincare projects, and natural remedies using the power of rosehips.
  • How-to videos with just one click
  • Supportive FB group where you can share your successes as well as struggles. 


Rosehip forager - take a peek

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