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30+ Red Beet Powder Recipes

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This is the ultimate collection of the best red beet powder recipes, showcasing vibrant colors and nutritional benefits. Whether you’re into baked goods, savory dishes, or smoothies, you’ll find everything you need.

Beetroot powder is a versatile ingredient that enables you to hide nutrients in dishes, add vibrant vibes, and is mess-free. Moreover, you can even use it in DIY beauty products to add glow and color to your skin. I will show you how easy it is to make it at home and store for over a year. 

While I love using fresh or roasted beets in my recipes for beet salad, beet chips, or beet dip, I also love using beetroot powder, which has its place in my pantry.

 Did you know that just one teaspoon of beet flour is equivalent to an entire beet?

In this article, I want to share the benefits of beetroot powder, the useful tips on how to use it in the kitchen, and the best beetroot powder recipes you can start with.

What is beetroot powder?

What is beetroot powder?

Beetroot powder, or beet flour or beet crystals, is created by dehydrating beets. After removing all the moisture, the dried beet slices are finely ground into a powder. Depending on the beet’s original color, the powder comes in different colors, such as pink, purple, orange, and reddish-brown. The process can be messy because beetroots are potent and often used for food coloring.

In this post, I described the step-by-step process of making beetroot powder, including images and video. 

Benefits of beetroot powder

Turning beets into beetroot powder is the best way to preserve beets; they are a great source of fiber, manganese, potassium, and vitamins C and B9. They have antioxidants called betalains that fight against harmful free radicals, protecting us from chronic diseases. (1)

In this study, beetroot was found to lower blood pressure, promoting heart health significantly. (2)

Beetroots also have folate and iron, which help remove toxins from the liver and support detoxification in our body. (3) 

Uses of Beet Powder in Recipes

Uses of Beet Powder in Recipes

Beet powder is a versatile ingredient with a specific color and taste and a perfect way to enhance your plate.

1)nutritional supplement

Dried beetroot powder maintains all its minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, so people like to add it to their sauces, smoothies, or cakes. Moreover, the powder consistency is easy to use and mess free .

Adding a beetroot powder is a triple win if you belong to smoothie lovers. It is easy to add, and you get the same nutrition and bright color as fresh beets.

You can also sprinkle it on top as a garnish to add extra color or flavor to yogurt, pancakes, or salad 

Beetroot Powder drinks
Beet juice with beetroot powder

2)natural colorant

Beetroot is a natural colorant that, compared to other natural colorants (like spirulina), creates a stunning color and a pop of rich flavor. You can also use it to naturally color eggs or fabric. Its vibrant hues are also great in skincare products.

3)natural sweetener

In the past, beetroot was primarily used as a natural sweetener. Beetroot powder contains primary sugars such as glucose and fructose and can provide a natural little sweetness to dishes., like maple syrup. Its subtly sweet flavor and additional nutritional benefits offer a healthier alternative to refined sugars.

beet pancakes
Beet Pancakes

Tips when you are using Beetroot Powder in your recipes:

  • Beet root powder is water soluble and easy to remove from porcelain or glass but not from cloth.
  • Beetroot powder can be potent in color and flavor, so start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences.
  • If you aim for a specific color in your dish, gradually add beetroot powder until you achieve the desired hue. It’s easier to add more than to reduce the intensity.
  • Citrus flavors can balance the natural sweetness of beets. Add a lemon or lime juice splash to balance the taste if needed.
  • Beetroot powder can impact the texture in baked goods due to its moisture-absorbing properties. Adjust the liquid content in your recipe accordingly.
aloe vera smoothie
aloe vera smothie

Beetroot Desserts and Sweets

Discover the mix of Beetroot Desserts and Sweets, where beetroot powder adds a natural red velvet dye to homemade cupcakes, beetroot cakes or paleo desserts. Whisk cashews, coconut and vanilla extract with a teaspoon of beetroot powder and see what beautiful shades of pink you will get.

Baked Goods

Gooey Beetroot Brownies

Red Velvet Bars

Red Velvet Cake

Beetroot Light and Fluffy Pancakes

Beetroot and Oat Cookies

Shortbread Cookies with Beets

Vegan Beet Cheesecake

Beet muffins

Cake Pops with Beetroot Powder

Festive Macaroons

Beetroot Desserts and Sweets
Dog Treats

No-Bake and Energy Treats

No-Bake Chocolate Beet Dandelion Bars

Avocado Beetroot Mousse

Tahini Ice Cream Sandvich

Beet Powder Energy Balls

Red Beet Velvet Bliss Balls

Breakfast Chia Pudding with Beetroot powder

Benefits of beetroot powder
Pink Beet Latte with warming spices

Beetroot Powder drinks

Beetroot powder, when added to smoothies and smoothie bowls with ingredients like almond milk, oat milk, buttermilk and almond butter, not only adds a vibrant color but also enhances the nutritional profile. These refreshing beverages are quick to prepare in a blender and are a convenient and tasty way to incorporate the goodness of beetroot into your daily routine. Combine it with fruits like berries or citrus for a delicious and nutritious and delicious blend.

Smoothies, Juices and Smoothie bowls

Aloe Vera Smoothie with Beet Powder

Skin Healthy Beetroot Powder Smoothie

Cinnamon Berry & Beetroot Smoothie Bowl 

Vegan Red Velvet Smoothie

Strawberry Beet Smoothie

Easy Beet Juice Drink for Blood Pressure

beet juice with beetroot powder
Beet juice with beetroot powder

Warm beverages with beetroot powder

You can also add a vibrant tint to your coffee, milk, or latte, sweetening it.

Pink Beet Latte with warming spices

Pink Rose Moon Milk

Beautifying Beetroot Powder Latte

Beet Latte with Roses

Pink Dalgona Coffee

Beetroot Kheer

rose beet latte
Rose beet latte

Savory Beetroot Powder recipes

While beet powder is popular in sweet recipes, don’t hesitate to cook with it in savory dishes. Whip beet powder to vegetable sauces, dressings, or soups.

As a bonus, decorate with beetroot powder Dog treats for your furry friend. 

Beetroot Bean Dip

Beet Powder Hummus Recipe

Beet Basil Mini Bread Loaves

Beetroot Superfood Porridge

Beetroot Tagliatelle Pasta Recipe

Vibrant Veggie Pizza 

Valentine Dog treats 

Tips when you are using Beetroot Powder in your recipes:

Can I have beetroot powder every day?

Absolutely! Beetroot powder is safe to have every day, and it’s suggested to take 5 grams (1 tsp) daily. Just be mindful not to consume too much, as the high fiber content may lead to stomach discomfort.

How does beetroot powder taste?

Beetroot powder carries a mild, natural sweetness with earthy undertones. The flavor is not overpowering, making it versatile for sweet and savory dishes. Keep in mind that the taste may vary slightly depending on the concentration of beetroot powder used in a recipe.

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Red Beet Powder Recipes
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