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How to use Shower Steamers {Step-by-step guide}

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Learn easy steps to use shower steamers for maximum benefits and transform your shower into a spa-like experience.

Steamers enhance your overall shower routine whether you seek relaxation or relief from a stuffy nose. 

While a warm bath has its benefits, only some people like it, have a bathtub or have time for one. In today’s busy world, shower steamers have found their place because they only take fifteen minutes to achieve the right relaxing effect and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in the shower.

To promote a sense of calmness and invigorate your senses, it’s essential to use them strategically for optimal benefits.

This tutorial will give you a step-by-step guide to your blissful shower routine.

What Is a Shower Steamer?

What Is a Shower Steamer?

Shower steamers, also called shower fizzes, tablets or melts, are small, aromatic, effervescent tablets designed to dissolve and release the scent of essential oils in the shower. Typically crafted with lavender or eucalyptus essential oils, these shower bombs introduce aromatherapy into your everyday shower.

Do Shower Steamers work as an essential oil diffuser?

Yes, shower steamers function as essential oil diffusers in the shower. When exposed to water and steam, shower steamers release essential oils into the air. Depending on which oils they contain, they create a fragrant and therapeutic atmosphere such as relaxation, stress relief or invigoration.

How to Use Shower Steamers in your daily routine

Wondering how to use a shower steamer? One of my favorite things about them is that they’re super easy to use! 

Follow the steps below:

First step: Remove the plastic wrap

Run warm or hot water to activate the chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, giving you that enjoyable fizz!

Gently unwrap the shower steamer from its plastic packaging

shower steamers uses

Second step: Activate your shower steamer

Place the shower steamer on a flat surface in your shower, away from the direct stream of water. A shelf, shower floor or corner of the tub as long as it’s not getting repeatedly splashed. Allow water to hit the shower steamer indirectly. The steam will activate the essential oils.

If you have a shower caddy, soap holder or a mesh container, place the shower steamer there to keep it dry. 

distance from the water
distance from the water

Third step: Enjoy the aroma and blissful experience!

Once the shower steamer begins to dissolve, close your eyes and take a moment to appreciate the lingering steamy sensation and the fizzy delight. Enjoy five minutes of the aromatic steam that fills your shower space, and breathe deeply.

For the most relaxing experience, avoid using other scented products (shampoo, shower gel) in the first few minutes. This allows for the best aromatherapy experience. After you feel more relaxed, continue with your regular self-care routine.

How to Use Shower Steamers in your daily routine

Fourth step: Shower as Usual

Continue with your regular shower routine while savoring the delightful scents released by the steamer.

That’s all! It’s a really easy way to indulge in luxury in your shower.

It might take a bit of experimenting to find the best spot in your shower for the steamer to dissolve and release essential oils just right—not too quickly. Once you discover the perfect spot, you’re good to go!

If there’s still some shower steamer left after your aromatherapeutic routine, move it closer to the warm water for another minute of spa goodness. Alternatively, you can take it out, dry it, and use it for your next shower!

Therapeutic Properties of shower bombs

Reasons to use shower steamers in your self-care ritual


Before shower fizzies came along, people used to add a few drops of essential oils directly to shower walls or the floor for aromatherapy. However, this method isn’t very practical or safe. The oils quickly disappear with the water, going down the drain. Plus, if the oils aren’t mixed with another carrier oil (which might make the floor slippery), they could touch the skin directly, possibly irritating. Using shower steamers is a practical way to enjoy aromatherapy in the shower. They release their scent more gradually and have a longer-lasting effect, making them a more economical option.

Therapeutic Properties

Beyond their enchanting fragrances, shower bombs offer a range of medicinal properties. The choice of shower bomb determines the specific benefits you’ll experience. While the spa-like aroma creates a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom, the combined ingredients, activated by steam, also contribute to health and beauty benefits.

Stress Relief Shower Fizzers

Infused with menthol and pure essential oils of spearmint, eucalyptus, and lavender, such shower fizzers aid in relieving tension, fatigue, and stress-related headaches. Menthol, often used as menthol crystals, helps if you feel congested.

Check these homemade shower bombs I made with menthol to relieve sinuses.

homemade shower steamers with menthol
homemade shower steamers with menthol

Energizing Shower Steamers

are often Formulated with mood-boosting citrus scents, like Orange or lemon essential oil + Rosemary essential oil that have uplifting and mood-boosting properties.

Calming Shower Bombs

Perfect for a balancing reset of your emotions at any time, these shower bombs with lavender turn your everyday shower into a grounding and balancing shower experience. 

Can you use shower melts in a bath?


Steam transports essential oils to the skin. While not as effective as facial steaming, where your face is closer to the water and oils, shower steaming can still moisturize the skin, clear pores, soften sebum, boost circulation, and reduce congestion, leading to redness and puffy eyes.

Additionally, the heat promotes sweating, aiding skin detoxification and removing pollutants.

Some commonly used essential oils in shower steamers include lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus, which possess antibacterial properties that can help rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria.

Can you use them in a bath?

Shower steamers are like bath bombs for busybodies. However, you cannot soak in them.

The difference between shower tablets and bath bombs is their approach to incorporating essential oils. Shower steamers are highly concentrated in essential oils, which can be unsafe for the skin and body if soaked in the bath for a long time.

While bath bombs are primarily used to nourish your skin, shower bombs directly activate your senses and sinuses when exposed to water and steam.

Therapeutic Properties of shower bombs

Who shouldn’t use shower steamers?

While the primary way to experience evaporated essential oils is through inhalation, the following groups should avoid using shower steamers:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Small children
  • Infants
step by step how to use shower steamers
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